Amelia (Amy) Pinillos, using Martins as an invented last name for all writing purposes, resides in the south of Spain, but dreams to live all across the world and is a self-proclaimed Cher Horowitz and Kate Moss hybrid.

Amy is inspired by the musical likings of The Smiths, The Rolling Stones, The Velvet Underground or even Drake & Rihanna, travel, art & timeless style icons such as Jane Birkin or Kate Moss - although her style is ever changing, just like her mood.

A lover of Saint Laurent, Paris, normcore with a dash of glamour, the 90's, plunging necklines, Jean-Luc Godard films, vintage photography, denim and leather.

BLANC IVORY is definitely not your average fashion blog. It is a visual diary of personal style that allows Amy to explore photography, styling & art direction with hopes to please all of her readers as much as possible.