Looks like I'm gonna have to turn this blog into an apologise page because it's basically all I do on here. Once again, I'm sorry for my lack of consistance when it comes to writing on here. I've been busy busy with school, but to be honest I have no excuse because I also had my off days, which I spent either on the street drinking beers with friends, in my bed or watching American Horror Story... in my bed as well. But anyway, I'm on Christmas vacation at the moment, so  expect a flurry of posts in this blog of mine! Meanwhile, here's a pretty rad moodboard made out of pictures I found on knighttcat's instagram + an outfit I wore two nights ago I really, really liked. I mean, furry coats & mom jeans FTW. Bisous!   

P.S.: Listen to this while scrolling down. You're welcome.

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