A few weeks ago I wrote an article on Pop Art & the influence it still haves today in our society for a project a friend of mine is currenttly working on. As I was trying to acquaint myself with more information about the artists and major works that took part in this art movement, I stumbled upon the work of English painter, stage designer and photographer David Hockney and instantly fell in love with this piece ('A Bigger Splash') -- I want it hanging on the empty and boring white wall of my room now. Since sharing is caring, I thought I would introduce you guys to this wicked artist; because really, he is awesome. 


Image via Pictify


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  2. So do I!

    Your blog is so amazing, you have a new reader now. X

  3. I love the fact that it's super minimal yet really exciting with the color scheme. It feels like the splash goes against the whole photo while still fitting in.