The essentials

summer essentials

A few things (there's obviously more) that would totally make my summer even better. And please, please don't look at me that way because Birkenstocks are on the list. I'm sorry actually not sorry at all that I ended up jumping on this bandwagon. But hey, if Kate Moss wore them back in the 90's for that iconic The Face shoot photographed by Corinne Day, then so can I, right?


  1. Emailing this post to my mom so she can buy me everything in this set, or at least close seconds because I won't be able to afford Elizabeth and James anytime soon...
    Perfect list of essentials though :)

  2. I love wearing white - only I don't wear it often because I can't keep it clean (food stains mostly lol). The little bra is probably my favorite out them all. Birkenstocks are still a "no no" for me though. haha!